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Payroll Services


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Payroll management Service

Our payroll management service offers an attractive and valuable alternative to cumbersome in-house payroll management processes. The need for HR to be focused on strategic HR demands and not transactional HR activities like payroll management cannot be overemphasized. In order for HR to add value to the business, it must operate at the strategic level and not at the transactional level. Outsourcing your payroll management to us is the most effective way to achieve this.

Our payroll management solutions we can help you with:

  • Comprehensive Payroll Service

With the consistent increase in the complexity of the state and federal payroll laws and numerous regulations. Our comprehensive payroll service is a valuable option for your business with additional services such as HR management, benefit administration, HMO remittance & compliance management

  • Employee Pension Plan Management

Pension plans require employers to pay a fixed annual amount to eligible employees during their retirement years.  We help you manage the rigorous task of pension deductions and remittance of your employees.

  • Proper Financial Reporting

We our payroll outsourcing services, Payroll taxes and deductions do appear on financial statements, the wages, salaries, PAYE, pensions entries are recorded properly on the balance sheet.

  • PAYE/Employee Tax Handling

Dealing with the complexity of managing payroll and payroll taxes is hard. We help you manage and handle your employees’ payroll tax withholding and filing.

  • HMO Management

It is our duty to pay HMO contributions of your employees and remit under the scheme within the stipulated time.

  • Dedicated PayrollPersonnel

We have a dedicated payroll personnel, this means you will have a dedicated payroll officer to manage your payroll.

Talents and Skills Africa can provide you with a comprehensive and accurate payroll management/solution

Talents and Skills Africa Consulting LLC as a leading HR outsourcing and business support solutions provider in Nigeria delivering a comprehensive range of HR outsourcing services from People Outsourcing to Business Process Outsourcing.

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