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HR Process Outsourcing

Giving You Premium Edge …

  • You feel you have the need to have an in-house HR Professional to manage your team and provide very professional & effective support to your business, yet you don’t want to own the person nor the process?
  • Talents and Skills Africa provides regular HR business services designed to help clients exceed their goal of a high performing organisation.
  • We will take over selected day to day business functions i.e Human resource management, Administration, payrolling, accounting Services, Tax administration and management.

Specific tasks performed under the HR Process Outsourcing are:

  • Human Resource. Talents and Skills offers full range and are positioned to provide traditional human resource services: recruit, select, and place qualified personnel suited to your industry. We develop and retain the best people, process your staff benefits and rewards, and manage employee and labour relations issues.
  • Payroll Services. Our timely and accurate payment execution services ensure that correct holdings and deductions (salary, withholding tax & paycheck deductions) are made and remitted promptly and free you from both the burdens and regulatory pressures. Pay slips are taken care of, and critical business processes are seamlessly managed freeing you from the challenges of complex payroll legislations. We always provide periodic reports of all transactions to keep you informed.
  • Employee Maintenance & Management. Besides traditional human resource services, we offer continuous training, development, performance appraisal, and the effective handling of other staff challenges (safety & health issues, medical aid, pension, maternity compensation). Staff efficiency is delivered through adjusting to changes in the industrial environment and making sure that employees’ overall objectives are achieved.
  • Tax/Accounting Services. We handle tedious tax administrations and the ever-changing and often misinterpreted tax legislations. We also effectively manage complex accounting reports that accompany a growing workforce. We reconcile complicated accounting processes, offer solutions on sundry payment issues, and incorporate all issues for proper reporting.
  • Background Investigation Services. This service caters to pre—and post-employment background checks on prospective employees’ academic, employment, criminal, civil and other related history. These basic checks help to uncover important information on prospective employees.

Talents and Skills Africa Consulting LLC as a leading HR outsourcing and business support solutions provider in Nigeria delivering a comprehensive range of HR outsourcing services from People Outsourcing to Business Process Outsourcing.

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