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Staff Hiring

The Hiring solutions that work for you.

We know, finding people is easy. Finding the right ones for the right job is what gets tough.

Flexible Hiring Options

Your business changes. So why shouldn’t the types of positions you hire for?

Back in the old days, most positions were considered “permanent.” People were hired and most of them stayed for a long time, sometimes regardless of their performance. Not any more. Now hiring managers use smart position management to identify the right needs for the right time in their business. You need to be able to staff up or down based on seasonal or other changing market needs. That’s why we help you identify which option (or combination of options) provides you with what’s right for your organization. Whether you need interim contract staffing, “try it before you buy it” (contract-to-hire) or direct hire, you can decide what it takes to run your business more efficiently and cost effectively.

Check these options to see which work best for you:

Contract: What used to be called temporary hiring is now called contract hiring, reflecting a better understanding of needs and skill requirements. Contract hiring allows you to adjust your hiring levels to meet seasonal or workplace fluctuation needs — especially as the economy rises and falls – and to bring on people with exactly the skills you need from day one. Assignments can be long or short term, depending on the type of position. We provide you with qualified candidates who can hit the ground running to become productive quickly. During their assignment, they are employees of Talents and Skills Africa. That means we assume responsibility for workers’ compensation, and you will eliminate your unemployment claims liability. We also offer benefits for them as Talents and Skills Africa employees.

Contract-to-Hire: What a great way to make sure you’re hiring the right person! Bringing employees in on a temporary-to-hire basis allows you to evaluate their performance and productivity — as well as how they fit in with your organization — before converting them to permanent status. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, you can (and should) request a replacement. We’ll jump right in to get you the right person. Here’s how it works:

  • Your employee is on our payroll during the pre-agreed term of the assignment (including benefits).
  • The term is usually 13 weeks, and then your can convert to direct hire (permanent) status.
  • Conversion to permanent status is at no additional cost.
  • You are never obligated to retain an employee.

Direct Hire (permanent placement): You know you want a permanent employee from the beginning, this is the best option for you. We’re always on the lookout for strong, well-qualified candidates who bring the right skills, the right attitude and the right track-record. When you work with Talents and Skills Africa you have the advantage of our extensive, wide-reaching recruitment capabilities, thorough screening and assessment and guaranteed satisfaction. If you decide it’s not a good match within the first 600 hours of placement, we’ll find a replacement for you at no additional charge.

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