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Looking for a job can be very overwhelming; there are more people than ever competing for the same positions. So, for that reason, it’s more important to ensure that you make an excellent first impression. Of course, your resume will almost always be your first impression.

When you’re job hunting, you’re on high alert for every mistake you can possibly make. You have a perfect, customized resume; you’re diligent about managing your online identity, you’ve submitted many job applications but somehow despite your best efforts, you still haven’t received a call for an interview. Or have you ever stop to think that you could make it all the way to a final interview only to lose the job offer to something as small as an email?

Different companies collect resumes in different ways. If a company asks specifically for applicants to email their resumes, it’s important to know how to do so elegantly.

What Impression Does Your Email Address Create?

What do you think about the email address for a nurse in a mental health facility? Some may find it comical, but do you think a prospective employer would find it funny? Or would they question your professionalism?

These are common examples of emails that are not effective nor professional that will help the employers, recruiters, and other hiring professionals connect you to the job you are vying for at the moment!

Sending a resume with an unprofessional email address will disqualify you from job contention. This is true across the board. It shows both a lack of effort and being totally uninformed about the professional world.

An impactful, professional email will have a professional email address.

Ditch the nicknames like for something more refined.

If you’re not sure what to use for the new address, keep in mind that simplicity is key. The best option is usually something like or

Criteria for Choosing an Effective Email Address

Always think about how your email address represents you. Put yourself in the position of a potential employer reviewing information of a job candidate.

Follow this advice when choosing an email address for your job search:

  • Your email address should not be suggestive, flirtatious, generic, silly, or funny.
  • It should be professional and easy to remember and create awareness.
  • It should include your name, preferably first name and last name.
  • It should be a personal email address, not one shared with a spouse or family.
  • Try not to use numbers or underscores.
  • In particular, avoid including the year of your birth. It’s very easy to guess the probable age of


Even the greatest resumes and work experiences can be tarnished by an inappropriate email address. Take control of all the variables you can to give yourself a better chance of attracting potential employers. Don’t inadvertently sabotage a great opportunity by not going through all the possible motions. may be dull, but better to be safe than sorry, always make it easy for the hiring professionals to find you and remember you. Make it easy for them to connect your email with your application or resume.

What are the worst email addresses you have seen on a resume? We would love to read about it in the comments section!


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Onasoga Omokolade is a Content Creator, Talents and Skills Specialist at Talents and Skills Africa Consulting.






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