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Have you ever seen a successful business that thrives without a business plan? Not exactly; I would say. There must be a plan for the positioning, the going and the landing- of your dream job.

When you’re on a job hunt, firstly, you should see yourself as the solution to the employer’s recruitment needs.  What exactly are the needs outlined in the job descriptions? Do you really have a full grasp of what is required for that role; in that company; and in that field? These questions need to be answered.

Secondly, every employer wants to see that their goals are accomplished, such that they feel successful as recruiters. So, as a job seeker, you ought to make thorough findings on the job descriptions which hold the problem the employer is trying to solve. With this you can be proactive and discover more problems originating from the initial ones and proffer solutions to them. And thereby help the hiring managers fulfill their goals of bringing you in; with solutions for team members.

Thirdly, apart from surfing online to learn about the organization, you should employ offline means, which is where networking comes into play. For instance, meeting up in a coffee shop for strategic inquiries from a staff of your target employer about the company’s culture, how they refer to their managers, how they treat their subordinates, what the C-suites mostly talk about, what recurring challenge a team faces etc, would be much more effective in getting more concrete information that is workable with.

Finally, positioning yourself for your dream job should also go with a great deal of excitement, enthusiasm and empathy shown towards the target employer as after deep studying and positioning; they now see you as the solution to their problems.




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