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Have you ever seen a successful business that thrives without a business plan? Not exactly; I would say. There must be a plan for the positioning, the going and the landing- of your dream job. When you’re on a job hunt, firstly, you should see yourself as the solution to the employer’s recruitment needs.  What exactly are the needs outlined

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The degree to which your employees are satisfied with their jobs to a great extent affects the outcome or productivity of your organization. If you manage your staff the same way you manage your best customers, they will most likely give your customers same treatment. According to Human Resources expert Susan Heathfield, “Many measures purport that employee satisfaction is a

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As a business leader or an employer, you have most likely heard the term “talent management.” You may have even dismissed it as just “HR jargon. For every company, employees play a significant role in operating a business plan, they possess the skills inventory and abilities that qualify them for a given role. Because of this, these individuals are considered

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Acquiring professional certifications and been professional certified has numerous pros and almost no cons. It stems from the combination of gaining education, experience and knowledge. According to the saying “learning never ends”, no matter the position or status you have gotten to in life and career; there is always room for improvement in knowledge especially in the form of professional

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In today’s trying times of global pandemic and various National Governments closing border, locking down businesses and social functions. The economic activities of the private sectors have been greatly “lockdown” as well with many business leaders and HR professionals seeking ways to escape the economic chaos and the resultant labour costs/liabilities of staff salaries. There have been many contemplations as

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Leadership Principles for Crisis Management.

PROVIDING LEADERSHIP IN TIME OF CRISIS: During a crisis situation, the leader of a company is under the microscope. Everyone is watching them closely — to see how the leader handles the difficult situation. Do they rally the company and its stakeholders to come together? Or do the pressures of the crisis take over? Two Types of Crises Crises can

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Breaking News; President Buhari extends Lockdown in Key Cities by 14 days to tackle COVID – 19

ADDRESS BY H.E. MUHAMMADU BUHARI, PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA ON THE EXTENSION OF COVID- 19 PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN AT THE STATE HOUSE, ABUJA MONDAY, 13TH APRIL, 2020 1. Fellow Nigerians 2. In my address on Sunday, 29th March, 2020, I asked the residents of Lagos and Ogun States as well as the Federal Capital Territory to stay at

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Effective Guide to Managing Your Newly Hired Remote Workers

Be A Great Manager! In response to the uncertainties presented by COVID-19, many companies and businesses have asked their employees to work remotely. While a very negligible number of Nigerian workforce already works from home, at least part of the time, the new decisions/policies triggered by the COVID-19 event leave many employees — and their managers/employers — working out of

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Key Business Actions to Mitigate COVID-19 Effect

In the face of a global crisis, well-prepared businesses can help protect their workers and their bottom lines. Business leaders are concerned, and rightly so, for the welfare of their people and their organizations. No crisis is an isolated, neatly contained incident, and the COVID-19 outbreak is exceptional by any standards. It comes with extreme scope and levels of uncertainty. It’s a situation that is

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