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The thought of hiring interns always comes with the need for recruiters to pay good attention to details; thoroughly; so they could hire the best of the bests. This can be made easier with an effective recruitment strategy that helps pick out the intern that meets the job requirements.

Internships are a great means for newbies in the professional world to learn about industries, companies, organizations and their workings.

But how are they hired for a temporary role, is what this article focuses on. Let’s consider it in the following steps:

  • Step 1- Specificity of the job post or requirements: As a recruiter, you need to provide in clear terms what the intern’s duties would be. Also, you need to state the ideal qualifications, candidate’s profile, skill, and experiences; so as to hire the right intern. In addition, if the employer is offering compensation; it should be clearly stated, or otherwise.
  • Step 2- The process of application: In hiring interns, the application process need not be too complex but easy and quick to understand. Added to requesting the intern’s CV.

It could be an auxiliary application form that can allow you get crucial and relevant information about the candidate. You can as well include 1 or 2 questions that would require the intern to expatiate.

  • Step 3- The interview: Here the recruiter should be mainly concerned about asking the right questions. Interview questions asked should be like those for an employee. For instance; what are the intern’s strength and weaknesses, why would he/she love to intern with the organization, etc. Creative questions are also welcome.
  • Step 4- Extend an offer: In offering the successful intern the job, the recruiter could either place a call or send a mail; informing him/her of the offer. Emails are preferred though, as they give a better platform for stating what is expected of the intern and the job contract as a whole; like the temporariness of the offer. Asking for feedback and clarifications is also encouraged. You could also go the ‘courtesy trip’ to send a thank-you to those candidates who didn’t make it to the final stage. In addition, have the intern fill out the required paperwork on the startup of the program.
  • Step 5- Set up an effective training program: This is the zenith stage of the intern-hiring process. What matters here are the attractiveness, relevance and effectiveness of the training program. And whether you are a startup, an SME, or a Fortune 500 company, you need to come up prepared with a good internship or traineeship program; with relevance to the job offers and requirements.

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Virtue Edoziem.

Virtue Edoziem is a Content Creator, Research Assistant and Social Media Associate at Talents and Skills Africa Consulting.

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