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From Presenting A Good CV To Being Called For The Job.

Every organization got its unique Human Resource strategic mapping, so when they recruit staffs; their requirements vary from one organization to another; so does the job description for each position. On the other hand, the candidate who is interested in applying for a job in such organization has to play his/her part in order to be the right candidate for the job.

Having this in mind, the process begins from presenting a good CV, and if it meets the organization’s expectation; to being called for the interview. The candidate takes a lot of things into consideration and action in order to secure the hire.

This article will focus on this discourse.

The candidate’s CV which is the first part of the bridge between the recruiting organization and the candidate must be fraught with relevance in its content and usage. This means that from the name and contact of the candidate, to the personal profile, to the work experiences, to the educational qualifications, to community organizations and involvements, to skills, passions, awards and achievements must all have the signature of relevance conspicuously portrayed; as it relates to the job requirements.

Moreover, the contents of the CV must show consistency. Coming immediately after the candidate’s clear, correct and updated contact information; should be the most relevant work experiences: coming on the first to second quarter of the CV, followed by every other details.

After being called for the interview, which is the final part of the bridge between the organization and the candidate, he puts his most relevant sales pitch into bullets; in threes and fours; to be presented to the interviewers, and practices until mastery is gained, confidence and is comfortable with performance.
Furthermore, he doubles the good impression made in the CV during the interview. This he does by, answering questions in concise manner; in 1-2 minutes, while presenting his relevant top abilities. Moreover, the candidate must be unique in presentation amongst others.

He could use combination of skills namely: key skills, accomplishments and experiences; all showing quantity, key words and results, as it relates to the job. In addition, the candidate can also do some research on the organization so as to be abreast with their values and rightly chip it in during the interview; to impress the interviewers.
In conclusion, as much as the above points are important, passion, enthusiasm and drive during the interview cannot be overemphasized; as it shows the candidates ability to deliver the best quality job for the organization as compared to other candidates.

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Virtue Edoziem.

Virtue Edoziem is a Content Creator, Research Assistant and Social Media Associate at Talents and Skills Africa Consulting.

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