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Communicating and Applying Your Skills As It Connects to the Job Description and Demands.


It is one thing to know a skill and another thing to know how to communicate it,  in the best way possible; for the benefit of others. Because, the highest level of value a man can give back to society is how best he is able to impact his fellowman positively, not just the wealth of value he is able to amass for himself.

Therefore, how to be the right personnel for the job, that is, on the job; in the light of communicating and applying your skills as it connects with the job description and demands, is what this article focuses on.

Adetola Juyitan says, “If your name is on it (the job), you must make it work.” Simply put, if you are on the job, you must do everything to be the right and best personnel for that position.

 You need to work with the mind that every experience you gain on the job; either good or not, is all to mould you into the greater good. So, putting your best into it will be beneficial and the results will speak volumes of you.

Like I earlier said, knowing how to communicate and apply your skills as it relates to the job, you first have to know how to communicate in the workplace. This is one major soft skill a staff working towards being the right person on the job needs to be skilled in.

Such a one also needs to know the art and act of communication; which involves knowing when it is time for official activities, and not mixing work with leisure.

Learning how to communicate effectively with your superiors, teammates/colleagues and subordinates respectively is as well paramount, and can be achieved through personal development.

Furthermore, the personnel need to learn problem-solving skills that  are useful to the job demands. Since there are several skills needed at the workplace.  A professional needs to learn and master the skills that connects to the job.

He/she also needs to attend trainings, conferences and volunteer when necessary; in order to master all there is needed to be mastered.

In addition, such personnel should follow the trends in his field and be up to date with the news and happenings, and also communicate them with the team members; so as to produce best results. This ultimately increases the personnel’s value and that of the overall organization.

Moreover, being the right or best personnel on the job is not always about competing with colleagues but exhibiting the team spirit. It is a fact that if you want to move fast walk alone, but if you want to move far walk in a group. So, such personnel must work within teams and not in isolation.

In conclusion, the personnel who is working towards being the right person for the job; in the light of communicating and applying his skills; in relevance to the job demands, must be action and result-oriented, and of course, doing all these with confidence.

right oersonnel for the job

Virtue Edoziem.

Virtue Edoziem is a Content Creator, Research Assistant and Social Media Associate at Talents and Skills Africa Consulting.

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