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You have done all the preparation there is to be done; carried out researches on the company over and over again. There is hardly any interview question you have not studied and practiced; thoroughly, even before a mirror.
And here comes the day of the interview, and you are all dressed up looking smart, set; set to perform at your best.

And then… just then…the “table starts shaking” haha….or you start sweating from your palms…Anxious! … (Chai!) You begin to wonder whether your village people followed you all the way (…hahaha)…not at all, it’s called the PRE INTERVIEW JITTERS.

And yes it’s totally fine. I’m just going to give you a few tips that can help you calm your nerves and manage this kind of situation, if it pops up.
(Don’t forget interviewers are just like you, so take a chill, and hop in.)

  1. Start with a good breakfast/lunch. Yes. Make sure you answer your stomach first before answering any interviewer. Prepare and eat with relish your favorite comfort food. This is the beginning of a successful interview.
    (You can’t answer interview questions when your stomach is grumbling with emptiness…. common, you don’t want to give chance to your village people to do some experiments, do you?
  2. Do yourself some good and utter some declarations. I mean give yourself some pep talk; talk to yourself- and yes it has been psychologically proven to help.
    In case you are not aware, your brain doesn’t differentiate between what’s real and what you are only visualizing. Tell yourself the things you desire and want to hear: you are smart, you are going to amaze the interviewers, you are the best candidate for the job…etc.
  3. Go for a walk. Strolling has been in the business of relieving stress and anxiety since 199… lol LOL. Jokes apart, if you are having a phone interview or even an interview in person, try taking a stroll around the block; let out those negative vibes and take in some fresh air; it does a lot of good.
  4. Lastly, you can make an interview chat sheet. Whilst you’re waiting to be interviewed, and you notice anxiety creeping in, go ahead, pick up a pen and a note pad and jot down likely questions that could be asked; like the main 3 things you’ll like to get across the interview, your questions, or any other thing you can think of. I tell you, by the time you are done; you will feel a rush of confidence.

interview jitters

Virtue Edoziem.

Virtue Edoziem is a Content Creator, Research Assistant and Social Media Associate at Talents and Skills Africa Consulting.

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