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Finding and recruiting the best candidate(s) for a job position is quite tasking and complex. How do you now know as an employer; if the candidate sitting in front of you is the right candidate?

It has come to the notice of employers that one of the biggest recruiting challenges is the shortage of skilled candidate(s); and companies are facing these challenges in trying to get the best.

Recruiters needs to have a well-planned hiring strategy to find the best/right candidate for a job role(s).

Here are some 7 tips that can help you recruit right candidates.

  • Write down a clear job description. Doing a clear and detailed job description is very essential. Recruiters should be very specific with this strategy. They should not just write about the responsibilities and duties but also the company’s culture and values for employability.
  • Using recruitment software with efficient sourcing tool. Instead of doing the manual search for right candidates, today; a number of powerful tools have been introduced into recruitment market for a smarter and faster hiring.

For instance, the social media is one of the tools used- like visiting the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, Facebook page; and checking out their online presence. This running of social checks through this medium can help you know a lot about them, rather than asking personal questions that they may not be comfortable answering.

  • Engaging an Intern. This is one of the best ways of hiring the best candidates. By this, as a recruiter; you become aware of his/her skills, strengths, areas needing improvements and so on.

After the internship, such a one would perform better because of the initial exposure to the company’s workings, as opposed to a fresh candidate beginning from the ground level of interview.

  • Be very intentional about choosing a career-oriented person. As a recruiter, when you come across persons that have juggled between multiple career fields; within a relatively short tenure; and with no valid reason(s), you may not hire them.
    You want someone who will be loyal to the company’s vision and mission, optimistic about developing their career, and contributing their best quota to the success of the organization, not someone with a checkered job history.
  • Having conversations with your current employees. Yes. You need to find out why they enjoy working with you. Your employees are your best ambassadors. People trust employees more than brands, CEOs or any other top executive. After finding out, use the information to draw/potential employees.

This can also be applied in other manner- giving employee referrals. By so doing; you will not only get good candidates easier and faster; and build a strong employer branding strategy, but will have succeeded in building up your employees’ morale and engagement.

  • Emphasize on hiring and retaining superb collaborators. Before you hire just any “brilliant” fellow, find out if they are good team-players. Today’s competitive businesses thrive on collaborations and cooperation among their staff strength.

Are the candidates willing to work together or in isolation; like an eagle who soars alone? Do they possess the Together-Everyone-Accomplishes-More TEAM spirit?

So you have to recruit candidates who understand that collaboration is key factor; and his/her thinking is improved by teaming up and diversifying. Also this encourages the buildup of interpersonal skills.
Lastly, take advantage of your website to recruit the best candidates. Does your “Join Our Team” section of your company website portray the true picture of your vision, mission, culture and values? Is the content qualitative enough to attract prospective high-potential employees?

Does your job listing speak volumes that will make a potentially right candidate say ‘this job is for me”? Does it say that your employees are well valued?

Are there active communicative channels for your organization and the prospective candidate or are there easy ways on the website for easy submitting of CVs or resumes?

If all these are carried out, recruiters are sure of a very high percentage of hiring the right candidate(s) into their organization.

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Virtue Edoziem.

Virtue Edoziem is a Content Creator, Research Assistant and Social Media Associate at Talents and Skills Africa Consulting.

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