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As a sequel to the previous article, TOP TEN RECRUITMENT TRENDS IN AFRICA: Part A, we bring to you the wrap up to the series. This article contains 5 top trends in Africa’s recruitment industry today;

  1. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We will see an ongoing focus on Customer Experience (CX) as organizations put the customer at the center of everything they do. To better understand customers, data will play a key role and we will see individuals who can tailor the message and cater to their customers at the forefront of decision making. For jobseekers, the use of technology in this area will be key, but showing employers you can design a leading customer experience across all platforms will be critical to secure your next move.
  2. CANDIDATES NEED TO BE ADAPTABLE: in order to be ready for transformation expect employers in 2016 to look closely at a candidate’s ability to adapt to change. We may also start to see job interviews moving away from competency-based questions to focus more on asking candidates about how they have adapted to changing situations.
  3. WORKFORCE DIVERSITY: Gender diversity is a hot topic in 2016. The financial services sector in particular is focusing on gender diversity at the leadership level. More employers ask their recruiter for a good mix of both genders for shortlists, particularly across traditionally male dominated sectors.
  4. INCREASED FOCUS ON QUALITY: according to global recruiting leaders, quality of hire is a key factor and one of the most valuable metrics, when measuring a recruiter’s performance.
  5. GREATER IMPORTANCE TO SOCIAL RECRUITING: social networks have become a very important source of quality hires in Africa and have increased over the years. Social platforms help find quality candidates and also help reach a larger number of candidates.