Technological advancement currently drives the employment market and has an impact on the way the recruitment industry, organizations and candidates function. Business and talent acquisition leaders need to stay ahead of the latest recruitment trends to enable them hire the best possible candidates for the job.

Companies are feeling the pressure to find top talent at lower costs, while competing with brands. With new technologies and trends it is now possible for small and big companies alike to source high quality talent. Below are some of the recruitment trends you should watch out for.

  1. CELL PHONE RECRUITMENT: we live in a hyper-connected world in which 43% of candidates use their cellphone to search for jobs. As such, it is fast becoming the preferred method for job applications. With this in mind, recruiters should ensure that candidates can complete and submit a job application from any mobile platform
  2. VIDEO RECRUITMENT: More and more recruiters are realizing that a video is worth a thousand words and can have a profound impact on selling candidates. Video is also being used as a way to advertise jobs and it’s predicted that this year, recruitment will be jam-packed with insightful content to capture the attention of candidates.
  3. RESUMES ARE RELICS: say farewell to the humble resume and hello to online profiles. This year, it will become essential for recruiters to utilize social professional networks, like LinkedIn, when searching and placing for talent.
  4. GROWTH OF FLEXIBLE WORKFORCES: Engaging talent on long-term contracts will be a key trend in 2016 as organizations seek a flexible headcount. Organizations will also continue to engage employees on a temporary basis with a view to making them permanent if more projects are undertaken. Projected modest growth in the public sector will comprise primarily of temporary and contract employees. For candidates this means that being flexible and staying open to both contract and permanent is a must in 2016 if you want to access a greater range of opportunities.
  5. FOCUS ON SECURITY: with an increasing focus on protecting private data, security professionals will be a focus of recruitment in 2016, to help organizations keep ever increasing volumes of data safe and ensure quick action and recovery in the event of cyber-attack. Organizations of all sizes are looking to secure their systems and information particularly considering higher adoption rates of wireless and cloud-based solutions.