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Whether you are highly experienced, mid-level experience professional or a fresh graduate/entry-level, your CV/Resume speaks volumes about you. It is more than just your first point of contact with the Hiring Manager or Recruiter; it is an essential instrument for creating that much desired positive first impression.Called thin slicing by scientists, the power of the first impression is recognized universally – In 100 milliseconds or less we draw conclusions on at least seven key attributes of an individual and then refuse to discard these opinions even when proven wrong.

With your CV, this is even more crucial as it could be that one chance to get your foot in the door; and you usually don’t get a second chance to change these lasting first impressions. Talents and Skills’ purpose is to significantly improve your chances of successfullygetting past the application stage to the interview phase of the hiring process.

We want you to get that opportunity to demonstrate your well honedabilities to the hiring manager or recruiter directly. We want you to win atthis. This is why we will craft your CV/Resume to strategically market you foryour desired career objectives. For every job position we will rework your CoverLetter into an engaging and highly competitive self-selling tool, increasingyour chances of

₦3,000 5 days

Graduate / Entry Level

  • Personal Strengths
  • Strategic Layout
  • Selective Wording
  • Clear Communication
  • Highlight Strength
  • Transferable Skills
₦6,000 7 days

Mid-Level Experience

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Career Accomplishment
  • Career Alignment
  • Progressive Growth
  • Highly Developed Skills
  • Additional Competencies
₦9,500 30 days

Senior-Level Experience

  • Advanced Competencies
  • Leadership & Responsibility
  • Clear Value Proposition
  • Personal SWOT Evaluation
  • Professional Profile
  • Highly Developed Skills