background checks

Background Checks Service

In a more competitive job market & harsh economy like ours, individuals are more apt to embellish, hide or falsified certain aspects of their work histories, qualification(s), contact details etc,to appear more attractive to recruiters/employers.

Background checks can be a valuable tool for selecting the right candidate fit every time. When used consistently, this simple step can eliminate many future problems for the company. As a recruiter, it is vital to ensure that a candidate meets the full requirements of each assignment and that the return on investment will be a good one for the client receiving the candidate.

Avoid Negligence Hiring

If you fail to exercise your due diligence as an employer, and a person is hired and goes on to someone, steal from the company, or sexually harasses another employee, and there was evidence from the past that proved you were in a position to reasonably anticipate that this sort of behavior had the potential to repeat itself, you as the employer could be sued for negligent hiring.

Why Choose Us?

We Guaranty Quality, Speed, Due Diligence and Transparency.

We have capacity and networks of reliable experienced hands/professionals in all 36 states in Nigeria to run our checks; and over the past 8 years, we’ve also built relationships in most of the institutions which helps to ensure tremendous execution speed. Our commitment to uncompromising quality is what has been responsible for our achievement.

Details of the necessary areas are:

  1. Educational certificate verification
  2. professional certificate verification
  3. job history / past employers verification
  4. guarantors verification
  5. addresses verification
  6. references verification
  7. NYSC certificate verification